Welcome your future best cosmetic friend: Laminaria Japonica

Welcome your future best cosmetic friend: Laminaria Japonica

What Is Laminaria Japonica?

Laminaria japonica is a kelp that is native to Japan. It is rich in dietary fiber (50.7%) and widely eaten in East Asia. For its various helpful properties, people found a use for Laminaria in multiple spheres - medicine, cosmetology, etc.

Inner Health with Laminaria as a Dietary Supplement

Laminaria japonica is very nutritious and full of essential vitamins and minerals, containing a relatively rare element in its structure - iodine. Compared to other plants, L. has higher iodine concentrations. Due to this property, this kelp is commonly used to promote thyroid health. And as a result of thyroid hormones normalizing, the algae helps women's reproductive systems function properly. Scientists report on the Laminaria japonica's capability to reduce weight as the kelp's primary component is dietary fiber. The fat-burning effect is also owing to the kelp's valuable formula, including such essential elements as iodine, fucoxanthin, alginate, etc. The algae also have some laxative effect and are very helpful for constipation treatment. They relieve digestive disorders. And you can find Laminaria to be a component of medicines for controlling blood pressure (reducing it).

Ways to Take the Dietary Supplement

So, your whole body (thyroid, kidneys, reproductive system, liver, brain, and heart) will benefit much if you put Laminaria japonica with its superb structure and formula into your healthy diet. Let's make it clear how to take or eat the algae.

If you want to eat the kelp close to au naturel, you can cook Laminaria japonica, buy dried Laminaria, or ready-to-eat food (soup, fresh salad, etc.). There are also many seasonings containing organic kelp powder suitable for your favorite dishes. Also, you can easily purchase the kelp in tablets, capsules, or liquid. This variant is incredibly convenient when you know exactly how much iodine you are prescribed to use daily. Don't forget to consult your doctor about taking Laminaria japonica, as excessive amounts suppress thyroid function.

Laminaria Japonica's Great Cosmetic Value

Now we already know about its significant slimming effect and improving your health. Let's come closer to more specific cosmetic uses.

In the cosmetic world, this seaweed is known to be a great skin moisturizer. It is used extensively in the skin care industry for the very same reason. In fact, Laminaria japonica has the best moisturizing effect compared to the other types of Laminaria. It helps provide deep nourishment while removing skin dryness and soothing itchiness when applied topically. The skin becomes smooth and soft and remains so for hours to come. Laminaria japonica also has a detoxifying effect. The algae contribute to the elimination of all types of harmful toxins from the body and skin. They add a healthy and lasting glow to your face, which is difficult to miss. Your skin tone becomes more even, and any kind of skin discoloration or pigmentation is diminished.

You can also find a variety of Laminaria masks for hair care - both professional (at beauty and spa salons or sold in stores) and homemade (you can make them on your own). The masks promise to strengthen your hair, boost its growth, and nourish roots of hair. Moreover, there are some fantastic spa procedures - Laminaria slimming body wraps effectively fighting against cellulite.

Thus, this seaweed is very versatile. Being a natural gift, Laminaria japonica brings more health to your life by adding strength to your own body to cope alone with many problems. You can choose out of the ways of its usage (topical application or dietary supplement), and in any case, appropriate use will certainly contribute to your health and well-being.

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