The Role of Motor Point in Facial Acupuncture

The Role of Motor Point in Facial Acupuncture

The acupuncture treatment of pain is becoming popular in recent years, mainly using motor points. The motor point (the yellow dot) is the most electrically excitable part of a muscle. After several analyses in treating pain using motor points, acupuncturists started to use them to restore muscle function. Motor point acupuncture began with an anesthesiologist Chan Gunn in the 1970s. He found that inserting acupuncture needles into different motor points can be the reason for a fasciculation, which causes muscle relaxation and reset the nerve. Today, the motor points are used for the treatment of both neuromuscular conditions and cosmetic purposes.

Mapping Of The Motor Point

As it was saying in a Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation, stimulating of the motor points is improving the effectiveness of the whole neuromuscular stimulation. Unfortunately, not every therapist or researcher comprehends the correct physiological definition of the muscle motor point. The most straightforward physiological procedure for the identification of muscle motor point is muscle surface mapping. A stimulator is aimed at the skin area above the muscle, where the motor threshold is the most responsive to input. When the motor point mapping procedure is defined, the right placement of stimulation allows neuromuscular stimulation to be effective with a minimal level of discomfort.

The Nature Of Motor Points

So, motor points are located at the most excitable part of the muscle, where the motor nerve bundle is attached. In general, the motor points are defined as the skin regions where an innervated muscle is accessible most. As a rule, they lie over the neurovascular band of forces. Everyone knows the feeling when a muscle is in spasm. The ability of its proper function is lost.

Moreover, when it is in a flaccid state, it has the same result. I stimulate the nerve at this point to bring the muscle back to a state of ordinary. For a tight muscle, a normal state is relaxed. Meantime, activated and lifted, is the normal state for a weak and sagging muscle.

Facial Motor Points

We have already figured out about the nature of the motor points. Now it is time to find out about distinctive features of facial motor points compared to others. Some of them are:

Facial muscles are thinner than the other muscles of the human's body; therefore, they require a unique needling technique;

Most muscles attach to other muscles or bones. Meantime, facial muscles are connected to our skin, allowing facial expressions. Moreover, they can be used to rejuvenate the skin by relaxing wrinkles and tight muscles.

Most of the facial motor points correspond with documented acupuncture points. They are traditionally located in the belly of the muscle.

Viewing premium facial acupuncture, you can learn how acupuncture works and what makes facial acupuncture in NYC unique. In general, there are two simple steps of the facial acupuncture treatment with motor points. The first step in acupuncture is to determine which motor point should be paid attention to, in other words, to identify which muscle is affected. The second step is treating the corresponding motor points. Moreover, needling the motor points is effective for numerous conditions involving paralysis and helps muscles recover their length.


Overusing our muscles causes shortening and contraction of the muscle. In the future, it accumulates and puts a strain on joints and tendons, causing dysfunction and pain. Motor point acupuncture makes contracted muscles reset, reduce, or even eliminate pain for an extended period. It is the primary solution to make muscles function well by using motor point acupuncture. As you saw, there is a science behind what I do and why it works so well.

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